Configuring a New Printer

Enable the CUPS service:

# ln -s /etc/sv/cupsd /var/service/

Wait until the service is marked available:

# sv status cupsd

Then, power the printer on and connect it.

There are multiple ways to configure a CUPS printer. The standard is to use the web interface, but other mechanisms exist as well.

Web interface

To configure the printer using the CUPS web interface, navigate to http://localhost:631 in a browser. Under the "Administration" tab, select "Printers > Add Printer".

Command line

The lpadmin(8) tool may be used to configure a printer using the command line.

Graphical interface

To configure the printer using a native GUI interface, run the following:

# xbps-install -S system-config-printer
# system-config-printer

This command does not need to be run as root if PolicyKit is in use and cups-pk-helper is installed.

While system-config-printer is shown here, your desktop environment may have a native printer dialog which may be found by consulting the documentation for your DE.